Too Good to be True?

Buying HVAC equipment at a big box store . . . Is it too good to be true?  We would like to lend some information so you can make an informed decision.

A typical scenario – You have received 1 or 2 solid estimates from a reputable HVAC company.   And then it happens, the research starts.    It might start with an internet search or a trip to the store and you are intrigued by lower prices.  But, buyers beware!  Those lower prices can come with little or no value if there is no one to help you when you need it most!

First, consider that a reputable company such as ours will take a personal interest in your job because we built our reputation on customer satisfaction and we specialize in the HVAC industry.  Not so with big box stores.   You will be hard pressed to find an individual with an HVAC background at a big-box store.  As a matter of fact, when you call the big box store with an issue or inquiry, you will most likely be transferred multiple times.  You certainly don’t want to call at their peak holiday time!  You can actually test this theory before purchasing anything by giving them a call with a specific question about HVAC equipment to test the system.

We know, because customers call us and explain their dilemmas.  They usually will call once they have already purchased a piece of equipment.  Now, keep in mind that any reputable HVAC company will not install equipment purchased elsewhere, so it just adds salt to the wound when we cannot help them get this equipment installed. In addition, any reputable supply house will not consider selling HVAC equipment to a homeowner for a very good reason, to protect the homeowner and themselves.

So, I guess we are asking you to think “Outside the Box”!  Think of the value you will receive with our company.  We guarantee our work.  We answer the phone and we know how to get you the answers you deserve. You become our priority!   We can get it right the first time for the right price and avoid possible hassles you can experience with big-box stores, including the “pass-the-buck”, “our hands are tied” run-around!

Remember, specialty businesses dedicate time to training and retaining employees who are ready to help.  They know “their industry”.  You have to ask yourself, what is a big-box store’s industry?  What do they specialize in?  What do they dedicate their time to?  What comes to me off the top of my head is that they can buy in large quantity and they make a lot of money at the expense of a good customer.

We care, call us; we’ll help you as best we can!  We look forward to hearing from you!